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Since 2001, the gardens have been established, public toilets, BBQ’s and covering sheds plus tables and seating have been installed, all of which are available free of charge to the public, travellers and locals alike.  These facilities are maintained and paid for by the Society and are available at any time all year round.  Lighting around the park is also maintained by the Society. The park and gardens have been fenced making it a safe area for children to play.  A children’s playground has been provided.  The fencing itself tells a story of the community.  Each panel was paid for by a member of the community who live in the area, or by descendants of pioneers of the area. The grounds are now maintained the efforts of volunteers and are considered to be one of the better parks along the Highway. They are frequently used by travelers who comment on how clean and well maintained they are.  It is a matter of pride to the volunteers to maintain this reputation.  A working windmill in the grounds is not only a display piece, but provides water for the public facilities and the garden. 

In 2017 a coffee shop was created on the verandah, to service travellers and the local community.
All facilities are Wheelchair access




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