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1.   To establish in the Shire a properly catalogued record of the remarkable experiences of the early settlers, and the subsequent amazing achievements of their families and others during the following century and beyond.
2.      To accurately record the important roll played by aboriginal people in the district, thereby assisting in the reconciliation process.
3.      To establish a museum in which to –
(a)  Set up a display to enable visitors and tourists to have ready access to the wealth of information collected by the Society;
(b)  Set up a Memorial display depicting the part played by district soldiers in wars from the Boer War to the Vietnam conflict;
(c)   Set up an administration area where continuing research and cataloguing can take place;
(d)   Set up a storage area where all current and future records can be safely and securely housed.
(e)   Become active partners with other like minded bodies for the exchange of information and display materials for the benefit of all Australians.
4.     To provide to the children of the five Primary Schools in the Shire adequate information on the Shire’s early history and contribute to a vital part of their education.
     To research the history of all areas of FCC Shire.
6.     To provide a fitting memorial, of which all residents can be justly proud, to the enterprise and initiative of the early settlers, as well as being a shrine to their endeavours      in FCC Shire.
7.      To publish a book containing a record of the amazing experiences of the early settlers, many of whom had come from across the world in sailing ships to pioneer this unknown land.  To record their triumphs, disappointments and achievements.
8.     To make the Society self-funding from the proceeds of the sale of books, cards, photographs, historical records and admission fees. (To assist local schools and other groups who have been closely associated with the district for many years, and who will shortly be celebrating historic milestones.)

Volunteers Wanted Please!

The Museum is still looking for volunteers for working bees, daily roster staff and general members, so. If you would like to help preserve our history for the future generations call us or drop in.


ADMISSION to the Museum

ADULTS - $5.00
FAMILY - $10.00
Children (12 & under) free when accompanied by a adult
All fees and donations go to the maintenance of the
grounds / free BBQ /toilets and the upkeep of items in the Museum.

Museum will be open 9am - 2pm.
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Closed on Public Holidays


The Bauple Museum Coffee Shop  is now open on the verandah 9am-2pm   









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